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Becoming the best leading patner to create the best customer value with the re-glory of Korea Shipping~!

Goldilocks Shipping, aims to join the ranks of world-famous shipping businesses based on an innovative mindset and a willingness to face every challenge.

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Based on international regulation, leading experts provide the highest quality solution with minimum cost.

It refers to a professional service business that concludes a contract with the ship's owner and performs a part or all of the ship management and operating functions instead and then receives management fees.

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All employees are from the seafarers of shipping companies and we promise safe, economical and fast freight transportation based on various logistics experience.

It refers to a business that manages and arranges the collection, shipment, transportation, warehousing and delivery from the shipper sending the commodities between exporter and importer until the commodities are delivered to the consignee.

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Marine Service

Through the great know-how of shipping companies, we provide countermeasure to ship's owners and shipping-related companies.

it refers to a business that analyes and responds the needs of marine-related companies as well as vessel and performs instead of them.

Our services

Goldilocks Shipping creats and provides world-class service to meet customer's needs.


All staffs of Goldilocks Shipping are each specialists in their respective fields.


Goldilocks shipping boasts the most efficient services based on expertise.

Cost to benefit ratio

Goldilocks Shipping always promises the best quality, lowest price.

2A(Anytime, Anywhere)

Goldilocks Shipping always ready and wait for our client in anytime at anywhere.

Mutual Trust

The relationship of Goldilocks Shipping with customers is built on mutual trust and respect.

Solution of the problem

Solve problems with accurate problem diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis.

Our skills

Enhance brand power by strengthening relationships with customers and improving the company skill.


Goldilocks Shipping is going to our Goal together with 13 companies.

Crew supply

We provide high quality crew. 29 Ocean going vessels (Oil&chemical)

Cargo Logistic

We provide quick and speedy services by combining the advantages of sea and air transportation 300 cases B/L Processing per day.

Marine service

We provide differentiated service level for safety and environment. 4 cases Processing for Korea Goverment and Port Authorities.

Analysis Client Needs

Goldilocks Shipping shares the company's total profits with Clients, Stockholders, Staffs, and future value investors. Base on this, we provide 6 area services reflecting the needs of various customers.

Now, you can receive the highest level services of Goldilocks Shipping.


Crew management

We manage the pools of crews by selective cultivating high quality crews at korea and abroad. We promise to supply crews stably not only in Korea but also in the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.


Technical management

Under command of the superviser with the highest level of various experiences, we are keeping the precious property of our customers through accurate diagnosis and repair through PMS(Planned Maintenance System/Schedule) of the ship with the target of cost reduction. And also leads to discounts on ship's store and spare parts due to the buying power with many expertise.


Safety & Quality management

Goldilocks Shipping, aims to significantly reduce the ship's accident and life saving for crews through big Know-How base on ISM CODE AND ISO 9001.


Cargo Logistic

Goldilocks Shipping, aims to significantly reduce customers' logistics expenses through its accurate knowledge and information about global routes and ships and its expertise based on extensive experience in marine transportation.


U.W.C Service

Our highly trained personnel with the technical expertises and many years of experience in the field of underwater services, combined with morden technology and equipment, guarantees excellent on-schedule results in all di ving work.


New Building Supervision

Perform a new ship-building supervision in Korea and overseas with a team composed of professional supervisors with various know-how and experience for each vessel type.

Best offers

Wherever and whatever. Goldilocks shipping will challenge the limit beyond the impossible. We will find best countermeasure and services for client.

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Total Ship Management Service

20% Discount
  • Technical management
  • Crew management
  • Safety&Quality management
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Cargo Logistic Service

30% Discount
  • Ship
  • Air
  • Trucking
  • Bulk & Container(FCL/LCL)
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Marine service

At Cost
  • Ship safety Inpection
  • Provide SMS Manual
  • Marine safety consulting
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At Cost
  • In water survey
  • Damage inspection
  • Under Water Cleanning
  • Propeller Polishing


Notice for what Happens at the Goldilocks Shipping.


Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you're a new customer of one of the services below, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles.

Our company provide a crew in Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam.

Yes, We can manage the F.O.C(Flag of Convenient) or company vessels

A Goldilocks economy is an economy that is not too hot or cold, in other words sustains moderate economic growth, and that has low inflation, which allows a market-friendly monetary policy. The name comes from the children's story  The Three Bears. The first use of this phrase is credited to David Shulman of Salomon Brothers  who wrote "The Goldilocks Economy: Keeping the Bears at Bay" in March 1992.

The U.W.C is an abbreviation of 'Under water cleanning, When a ship is in the water without Dry-Dock, it refers to the operation of the diver to enter directly and clean the bio-foulings without any damage of ship's hull parts.

Of course. We, Goldilocks Shipping is able to transport not only containers around the world but also all cargo including bulk & liquid cargo including D.G.

Of course. We, Goldilocks Shipping is providing the solution for many small domestic vessel.
(It is not holding the S.M.C mostly)

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We wish you continued success and good health in the years ahead.

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